COVID-1984: Chinese-Style Social Credit System ‘Coming to the UK’ in 2…

COVID-1984: Chinese-Style Social Credit System ‘Coming to the UK’ in 2…

A SINISTER Chinese-Style social credit system is rumoured to be coming to the UK next year and it will change your life forever.

As governments in the Western world continue to crackdown on dissent, protesting, free speech – abandoning the rule of freedom and democracy, the true “New Normal” is beginning to become clearer.

The plan has been compared to China’s social credit system that sees its citizens rated out of a score of 350-750. If you are a good citizen, you will be rewarded with bribes like low interest rate loans, better housing and schools. If you are bad you’ll be punished, and if you refuse to learn or submit to the ‘New Normal’, you will be placed on a blacklist, and there’s absolutely nothing you’ll be able to do about it.

In China, to get a good social credit score you’ll need to follow rules, obey the law and praise the Chinese Government online. You must also pay bills on time, repay loans in complete and keep your home presentable.

Chinese citizens are also regularly tracked via CCTV and their smartphones to keep them in line. Britain is one of the most-watched nations on earth, and with the final piece of the ‘5G’ network question implemented – get ready for 24/7 surveillance, app monitoring and Government control on a level never imposed on a free society like Britain in its history. Did we really fight Two World Wars, Defeat Communism and the USSR for it to come back via stealth?

The benefits of a “good score” in China method your children will get into better schools, you’ll be able to rent at cheaper prices, you’ll get discounts in stores – if you have a bad score, you won’t be able to fly oversea or buy a rail ticket. This could be a perpetual lockdown for bad (or poor) citizens. So it begs the question – is this what our sadistic Government has been training the population for over the past eighteen months?

China has been developing its Social Credit system for years, and unveiled it to the Chinese people in 2014. Pieces of the system are already in place, and the Chinese government set a goal for the year 2020 to get of the plan in place.

“Though that’s less a deadline and instead marks the end of a planning period” Samantha Hoffman, non-resident fellow at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute told Wired.

In China the Social Credit System is ordinarily used for more sinister purposes. Journalists are placed on the “bad social credit blacklists” Anyone who voices an opinion that offends the ruling Chinese Communist Party is also discredited.

A Chinese journalist called Liu Hu writes about censorship and government corruption, due to his work Liu has been arrested and fined by the CCP, and also discredited and blacklisted via China’s Social Credit system. 

“Liu found he was named on a List of Dishonest Persons unprotected to Enforcement by the Supreme People’s Court as “not qualified” to buy a plane ticket, and banned from travelling some aim lines, buying character, or taking out a loan.”

“There was no file, no police warrant, no official improvement notification. They just cut me off from the things I was once entitled to,” he told The Globe and Mail. “What’s really scary is there’s nothing you can do about it. You can report to no one. You are stuck in the middle of nowhere.”

Claims and reports of the social credit system have been branded “conspiracy theories” by Governments as they tackled ‘COVID-19’ but with the recent announcements of a new app to track Brits shopping habits and the Chancellor announcing a new digital money called “Britcoin” we could be sleepwalking into a dystopian digital nightmare.

The Daily Mirror reports that the Governments new Healthy Eating app, which could be launched from January, would track families’ supermarket spending by an app, and reward those who buy more fruit, vegetables and low-calorie meals and avoid alcohol and unhealthy foods. Rewards could come in the form of “helicopter money” via Britcoin – controlled by the Bank of England.

The move is blamed on a “furious Tory backlash to proposals for a salt and sugar tax.” but i speculate this has all been long in the works for decades to keep control over an ever-increasing “uncontrollable population”.

This is punishment for the working-class’ vote for Brexit and America’s vote for President Trump by those who really rule over us. How dare the little people exercise their democratic right to self-determination.

Forget Tory claims of “levelling-up”, a social credit system in the UK will permanently level down the poorest in society and keep them in the largest open prison in the country – poorer areas.

UKIP has also warned against the plans, telling Politicalite: “This app is an appalling intrusion on our privacy.”

“How dare the government tell us how to live? We are not peasants or slaves to be ordered how to conduct ourselves.”

“We must stand strong and tell the Tory/communists that their plans will never be accepted in our nation”

This kind of control is nothing new, Analogue Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s used “Reward”, “Punishment” and “Terror” tactics (Compare that today as Lockdowns, Openings, Lockdowns, Openings) to take complete control of Germany in the 1930s and we’re regularly warned about the dangers of far-right ideology, so maybe now it’s finally time to notice the warnings and learn from history, before it’s too late.

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