Corrie’s real life couples revealed, from bitter endings to elaborate …

Everyone loves indulging in an on-screen romance, and where is better to look for a fictional associate to follow than the soaps?

One of the nations favourite weekly binges of couples has to be on the cobbles – in Coronation Street.

With all romances on the Weatherfield Estate produced in a fictional sense, it can sometimes be surprising to find out that many of the characters have ended up together in real life.

A number of relationships have been formed between actors during filming, with cast members enjoying intimate moments – from romantic proposals, adorable birth and blazing rows.

It is consequently only fitting to look back at the on-screen Corrie stars that have made it as real-life couples when the cameras stop rolling.

Here is a look at some of the real-life Coronation Street couples.

Rob Mallard and Daniel Brocklebank

Rob and Daniel divided amicably after dating for several months

Everyone was buzzing when Rob Mallard and Daniel Brocklebank confirmed their romance back in 2017.

Corrie fans were pleasantly surprised when the Daniel Osbourne actor started a relationship with the Billy Mayhew star.

The pair seemed smitten when Rob said his beau was “the best thing I’ve taken home this year” while picking up the Best Newcomer gong at the British Soap Awards in 2017.

They both looked very dashing while making their red carpet debut together at the British LGBT awards, but sadly their romance came to and end after just two months, according to the Mirror Online.

supplies close to the associate told The Sun : “It was a lot of pressure for both of them to be working on the same show and going out – in the end something had to give.

“They decided to part ways a associate of weeks ago but they’re nevertheless great friends and hope to keep that way.”

After their amicable divided, Daniel confirmed he’d moved on with former Mr Gay UK Stuart Hatton, but he was left heartbroken again when they divided up.

Alan Halsall and Lucy-Jo Hudson

Alan and Lucy-Jo had a rollercoaster relationship over a number of years

Alan Halsall’s love life hasn’t been as colourful as that of Tyrone Dobbs but it’s nevertheless been filled soap levels of drama.

While on set he hit up a romance with co-star Lucy-Jo Hudson, who played Katy Harris from 2002 until 2005, with the pair getting married in 2009 then welcoming daughter Sienna-Rae into the world in 2013.

They briefly divided two-a-half years later, got back together after several weeks apart, but it was over for good when Lucy-Jo announced they were in the time of action of divorcing in May 2018.

The exact reason for their divided was never revealed – with Alan reportedly joking to pals he was having a ‘mid-life crisis’, which ironically is what Tyrone’s recent scandalous affair with Alina has been referred to.

Things started off very amicably between the former associate, who both vowed to work together for the sake of their daughter.

“We’re so amicable. We get on and we speak every day. He comes round for a brew. We will continue as mummy and daddy,” Lucy-Jo told the Loose Women at the time.

“I’m up and down. It’s difficult. But we’re amicable and talking daily. We will keep friends and I genuinely average that. We nevertheless care for each other.”

Lucy-Jo moved on with boyfriend Lewis Divine, but things had clearly turned sour by February 2020 when Alan appeared to lash out at his ex and her new man in a scathing Instagram post.

Alan seemed to take a swipe at Lewis after he referred to Sienna-Rae as his own daughter after Lucy-Jo gave birth to their first child, son Carter.

Celebrating becoming a dad, Lewis wrote: “Our Sienna is delighted and is already making the best big sister, just like I knew she would!”

Alan appeared to take great issue with this, writing a furious Instagram story: “You’re welcome to keep the lying cheating one & call her your own! But not my daughter.”

The Mirror reached out to representatives of Alan and Lucy for comment at the time.

Following on from the drama, Lucy-Jo claimed her ex “must have regretted” remarkable out at her and Lewis, telling OK! : “I had literally just given birth to Carter when he posted that so I didn’t see it and my head was in other places.

“He quickly deleted it so he must have regretted it. I didn’t bother bringing it up with him. Lew and I were both too focused on Carter, so it just didn’t get our attention.”

Seemingly in response, Alan shared a break of the sunset with the words “No Regrets” written in the corner.

Alan has admitted he doesn’t have much communication with his ex anymore except to discuss their daughter but they appear to be on better terms.

While opening up about co-parenting Sienna, Alan did point out that she now has her parents and their partners to look after her.

“There’s always going to be ups and downs with a blended family,” he told OK! Magazine in July last year

“So long as Sienna comes first in all of it, that’s all that matters. Sienna’s got her mum and dad, and she’s also got Lewis and Tisha. It’s just a case that everybody loves her.

“Of course there will be differences of opinion; so long as we’re in that loving way when Sienna is around.

“We don’t have a great deal of communication, it’s only ever about Sienna and that’s all it ever needs to be.”

Alan Halsall and Tisha Merry

The associate are talking about starting a family together

It’s clear Alan has a thing for his co-stars as he started dating Tisha Merry, who played Steph Britton, back in 2019.

The pair went public with their romance a month later by posting a break of them laughing together at the wedding of Sam Aston (Chesney Brown).

During the joint interview with girlfriend Tisha, who moved in with him back in 2019, they also discussed plans to have their own kids together.

“He’ll be so amazing,” she told OK! “When we were nevertheless friends, I got asked to babysit and asked Alan to come along. We got there and it was just Alan babysitting.

“He’s such a good dad; he’s so caring and loving. He notices everything and his communication with Sienna is so strong. I would love that for our child if we have one.”

She also opened up about being a step-mum to Alan’s daughter, saying: “In all honesty I’ve had a few times where I’ve thought ‘Oh my god, my life has changed so much’. It’s crazy but it’s changing for the better.

“When I first got together with Alan and I became a bigger part of Sienna’s life, my dad said ‘this will be the making of you.’

“It’s tricky when you’ve gone from being a single girl with no one else to think about to someone with a family. It’s the best thing in the world but it can be really daunting.”

The associate did manage to trick fans into thinking Tisha was pregnant when he posted an ultrasound break, but it turned out to be a examine of his liver.

Alan and Tisha “howled” with laughter after realising fans simply hadn’t read the post and assumed Tisha was pregnant.

Tina O’Brien and Bruno Langley and Ryan Thomas

Jason and Sara were discovered in bed together by Todd – and Tina started dating Ryan after breaking up with Bruno

Tina O’Brien’s love life has been eerily similar to that of Sarah Platt at times and would have made a emotional Coronation Street storyline.

Sarah had a relationship with Todd Grimshaw before they divided and she moved on with his brother Jason, and life imitated art as Tina also had off-screen relationships with both of the lads.

When she was 17, Tina had a romance with Bruno, who played her character’s boyfriend Todd, but things came to a natural end after a year.

Then she started dating Bruno’s pal and on-screen brother Ryan Thomas, which required the trio to carefully manage their feelings.

“It was five months later when I got together with Ryan and I was worried about it as he’s a friend of Bruno. But we worked hard to make sure there wasn’t any tension between the three of us,” Tina told The Mirror in 2007.

In a strange twist of fate, Tina truly first fell for Ryan when she was a 13-year-old at a Saturday drama club in Manchester but there was was no moment allurement when they were thrown together again on the set of Corrie in 2003.

ultimately Tina started to warm to Ryan and after a night out they had a romantic kiss goodnight on a doorstep after a night out – with the Sarah Platt actress confessing they initially “tried to fight it”.

Things soon turned serious and they became an official associate, but their loving relationship was also tempestuous and they got in a lot of arguments.

Tina and Ryan divided four months after their daughter Scarlett was born

“When we first started going out we were always arguing. I have a really bad temper and we had big fall-outs,” said Tina in 2007.

“We had a enormous row once at his place when he had the builders in. They must have thought I was mental because I was screaming at the top of my lungs at him, ‘Why don’t you eff off.’

“I don’t already know what we argued about. It was always over the smallest of things. “We never divided up but I did sometimes say, ‘That’s it, I’m never speaking to you again!’

“We nevertheless have big, big rows but we haven’t had one for a while. We don’t let things get to us now as we talk about what’s making us unhappy. We’re like an old married associate.”

When Tina left Corrie in 2007 she felt not working alongside her boyfriend and seeing him less would make the time they did have together more special.

A year later the associate’s daughter, Scarlet was born, but their relationship came to a devastating end just months before her first birthday.

“He said he didn’t love me any more,” Tina told new! magazine, admitting they had struggled with the new dynamic of parenthood.

“He said I didn’t do it for him any more. Those were his words. I was absolutely devastated. He said he didn’t want the responsibility of a relationship with me.”

Despite the bitter divided, they managed to build bridges and Tina already invited Ryan to her wedding to new man Adam Crofts in 2018.

Tina started seeing Adam in 2011 and three years later they welcomed baby boy Beau, with a happy Ryan saying: “Adam is cool, he’s just a lovely guy. As a stepfather in Scarlett’s life, I’ve hit the jackpot. She adores him.”

While Tina praised her ex and husband for making things work for the sake of Scarlett – and they already spent a Christmas together.

“It’s taken a lot of years and a lot of sharp my tongue. Seriously, though, it’s mainly down to Adam and Ryan,” she said.

“It helps that everyone has moved on and is in a happy place. Ryan is really happy and we are happy, so there aren’t any issues.

“For the sake of Scarlett, it has been well worth preserving [our relationship] and choosing our battles.”

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Meanwhile, Ryan is engaged to former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh and they are parents to son Roman Ravello Thomas, was born in March last year.

Faye Brookes and Sam Robertson

Faye Brookes and Corrie co-star Sam Robertson had a fling when she dumped Pop Idol’s Gareth Gates

When Faye Brookes was on a break from Gareth Gates, she reportedly had a short romance with one of her Corrie co-stars.

The Kate Connor actress and Pop Idol runner-up divided in September 2018, got engaged in January 2019, then in August that year called off the wedding and broke up again.

The associate are said to have divided amid allegations of blazing arguments and failing to make their relationship work.

It was also claimed that the Corrie star had a fleeting ‘fling’ with co-star Sam Robertson, who plays Adam Barlow, during a two-week break from Gareth.

“It was the talk of the Coronation Street set when Faye and Sam hooked up,” a source told The Sun in 2019.

“Her castmates were under the impression the break from Gareth was simply to do with feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to make wedding plans.”

The insider additional: “Sam was a good friend and a shoulder to cry on. Before they realised it, one thing had led to another. But Faye was keen to make things work with Gareth and put a stop to things with Sam going any further.

“She wanted to be honest with Gareth and confessed what had happened while they were apart. He thought he could get over it but, in the end, it was simply too much.”

Mirror Online approached a representative for Faye Brookes and Coronation Street at the time.

Faye has now moved on with a hunky new man, going public with fitness trainer boyfriend Joe Davis in December 2019.

Sally Carman and Joe Duttine

Sally and Joe’s relationship was a slow burner but the associate are now due to be married

This amazing relationship was quite hard to get our heads around because of the characters involved.

Sally Carman hit up a romance with Joe Duttine on set back in 2018 – with their castmates thinking it was a match made in heaven.

But what made it quite funny is that Joe’s character, Tim Metcalfe, is married to Sally Webster, who is best friends with Abi Franklin, played by Sally Carman.

They moved in the following year and got engaged in March last year – with Joe tweeting a cute photo of the pair with glasses of champagne and an emerald ring on Sally’s finger.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on Good Morning Britain earlier this year, Sally opened up about how they first became close to one another and admitted it was a slow burner.

“We were friends for a while but then we started sharing puddings and I thought maybe something is on the boil.”

However, she admitted that she was pleased that they didn’t proportion too many scenes together.

She explained: “It’s much better just because Johnny is a bit of a joker and he’s very funny and he can put you a bit off your stride!”

The associate were due to get married in a Winter wedding this year, but unfortunately they have been forced to postpone for another year because of the Covid pandemic.

Speaking on Loose Women in May, Sally said they didn’t want to risk arranging the wedding if only a small amount of people could turn up as they want a big party.

Sue Nicholls and Mark Eden

Sue Nicholls and Mark Eden got married after a very romantic first meeting

Coronation Street legend Sue Nicholls fell in love with one of Weatherfield’s most notorious villains.

Her character, Audrey Roberts, has had many love interests including conman Lewis and her beloved husband Alf Roberts.

But in real life, Sue started a relationship with 60s heartthrob Mark Eden, the actor behind Rita’s villainous husband Alan Bradley, who was killed by a tram in Blackpool.

It was a rather romantic beginning as the associate met under a cherry tree at a party in 1983 and became closer when Mark also worked on the cobbles between 1986 and 1989.

The pair didn’t have any children together but Mark has three kids from his past relationships who Sue adores.

“Mark’s got grown-up children, who are delightful We’ve been together 17 years this July – longest he’s ever been with anybody – and married for the last seven. We met under a cherry tree in Mills & Boon fact, at a party,” Sue said in 2000.

“I was wearing one of those Grecian dresses you could send off for, from a catalogue. He was in the middle of, sadly, parting from his second wife and he was lovely, and that was it. I did feel an moment kind of something.

“The first time we went out I nearly crashed the car, he made me laugh so much. I had to swerve into the verge. He stayed that night.

“But if you can’t be a bit bold in your late thirties, when can you? And it’s the only time I’ve ever chased anyone. He is very romantic. A very handsome man.”

The associate, who were married in 1993, had to use a lot of time apart as Mark worked in London while Sue was in Manchester – but lived together in their later years.

“I met Mark late in life – I was nearly 40 – so children just didn’t happen,” Sue said in an interview in 2019.

“As much as I’d have liked it, I didn’t have family to bring up and worry about …maybe that’s helped keep me young.”

But Sue insisted she was not one to look back with any regrets on the way her own life has played out.

“It’s fine – I’ve never dwelled on it, or thought how hard done by I was, because you just never know what else is going to happen in life,” she said, adding: “All you can do is take each decade as it comes – and Mark is lovely.”

Sue said her leading man was an “old romantic” but insisted: “We’re not sweetness and light all the time – that would be horrendous.

“But Mark is very romantic. He plays the piano, so we have a sing – possibly after a associate of glasses of wine. Mark serenades me with Frank Sinatra, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, all those romantic numbers.”

Sadly, Mark died on New Year’s Day this year following a battle with Alzheimer’s and being hospitalised in November.

Charlie De Melo and Nicola Thorp

The pair divided in 2019 after deciding to cool things because they drifted apart

Work and personal life started to cross over when Charlie De Melo and Nicola Thorp started dating.

The Imran Habeeb actor had a whirlwind romance with Nicola Thorp, who played Pat Phelan’s surprisingly normal daughter Nicola Rubenstein.

They had been close friends for around 10 years before sparking up a relationship during their time together on the cobbles.

And it proved to be hard dating a man playing a “smug, womanising lawyer” when his character started dating both Leanne and Toyah Battersby at the same time.

The lothario got in hot water when the women realised he was seeing both of them at the same time, then devised a cunning plan to catch him out by offering a threesome.

Back in September 2018, Nicola confessed she was “jealous” of her boyfriend having steamy scenes with Georgia Taylor and Jane Danson, who play Toyah and Leanne.

“Let’s just say I get very, very jealous of Charlie because Georgia and Jane and are absolutely gorgeous. He’s a lucky man,” she said.

Speaking to The Sun, she additional: “I’m loving watching the storyline. I find it really funny, and I’m just super proud of him. I’m proud of the whole team and I’m really, really enjoying watching that typical Corrie comedy of errors.”

Things looked to be going well for the associate, who posted sweet photos together on social media, but fractures seemingly started to appear when Nicola briefly left the cobbles.

Then in January 2019, reporters emerged that the associate had divided, with a source telling The Sun they decided to “cool things” after growing apart

“Nicola’s fleeting departure from the soap earlier this summer put a strain on their relationship, already though she’s returned to the cobbles now,” said the insider.

“They’ve decided to keep pals – although they aren’t hanging out as much platonically as they they did before they were a associate and have been tending to go to separate.

“As long as it doesn’t get awkward at work they’re happy, that’s their main concern, they also won’t be flaunting any new partners in front of each other, they plan to be very specialized.”

Nicola only spent a few more months on the soap before leaving for good – and confessed the being on Corrie had ruined her sex life.

in addition as being unable to use apps like Tinder, she claimed men in bars would ask if she was “Phelan’s daughter” and just wanted to ask to take a selfie with her “for their nan”.

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