Cheesecloth Grades and Their Different Applications

Cheesecloth Grades and Their Different Applications

Cheesecloth was originally used in the production of cheese, consequently the name “cheesecloth”. Over the years, cheesecloth has been found useful for many other applications, such as in the kitchen where it is can be used for cooking or for general cleaning and polishing. Before you go ahead and use cheesecloth for anything, it is important to know what cheesecloth is made out of and the various cheesecloth grades. Each grade is meant for different applications. Choosing the right kind of cheesecloth to accomplish your goals is important as it will save you money and help perform your responsibilities better. Grades are distinguished by the number of vertical and horizontal threads per inch. Cheesecloth grades come in open weaves #10 (20 x 12) #20 (20 x 16), finer weaves #40 (24 x 20), #50 (28 x 24), and #60 (32 x 38), and additional fine weaves grades #80 (40 x 32) and #90 (44 x 36).

Lower graded cheesecloth is a more loosely woven cotton and is (generally) the most economical and is disposable. Open weave cheesecloth can be used for all purposes such as waxing, cleaning, cooking, wine filtering (the holes from the open weave are close together enough to prevent solids from going by the cheesecloth, but are open enough to allow liquids to drain by), polishing or anything other household chores.

The finer weaves can be used for the same applications as the more open weaves, although they are of higher quality and are slightly less economical. They can also be used for faux paintings, arts and crafts, furniture finishing, making a Halloween costume, or covering items during the winter. It’s also good for cooking and cleaning too. Another advantage of finer weaves is the ability to wash and reuse them.

additional fine weaves are also washable, stronger, more lasting and reusable. They should be used for specialty uses like cheese making, dressmaking, decorating, book-binding, arts and crafts, making tea bags, butter muslin and goat cheese.

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