Checklist for Moving – A List of All the Stuff People Forget To Do Bef…

Checklist for Moving – A List of All the Stuff People Forget To Do Bef…

Moving is a important task. There are so many details that must be looked at and tended to. The only way to be certain that everything gets done is to use a checklist for moving.

Begin by jotting down the obvious things that need to be done. Keep the list handy and functional so that when ideas pop up, it is easy to include them in the list. Several copies of the checklist may be useful. Print duplicates of the checklist and pass them out to every member of the family. Post one on the fridge.

Some items on the list will be simple. Not every member of the family needs to turn in a separate change of address form with the post office, for example. But, some items on the list may apply to everyone.

Here are some items to be included on the list:

  • change of address form signed and turned into the post office
  • change newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • notify insurance company of new address and discuss any policy changes
  • if renting, notify landlord of intent to vacate
  • contact lawyer to discuss any legal matters associated with a move
  • notify school and move any needed records to new district
  • change phone number
  • turn on utilities at new address and cancel utility service at old address
  • set up date to switch cable or satellite provider from one residence to the other
  • notify the bank or other financial institutions of the new address
  • tell any employer about the change of address
  • notify doctors and medical insurance companies of the change
  • pack and label items
  • determine what the high speed internet options are at the new location
  • return all uniforms, books to the library, etc. near the old address to save mailing or return issues in the future
  • inform the social security office or social sets office if applicable
  • buy new tags for license plates
  • get a new state or local drivers license
  • make moving announcements
  • set up storage if needed
  • learn about cell phone plan in new area to avoid excessive charges
  • make a current list of friends’ addresses to send announcement or letters
  • contact vet or kennel with new address info
  • buy packing materials
  • make time to relax

The stress of moving can be taxing, but staying organized is the trick to a successful move. Using a checklist for moving can really make a difference. Cross off any items that have been completed. As the number of things decrease, celebrate the success by taking a relaxing break from the chaos of moving. Moving can be hectic, but a checklist can help.

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