Cheap Domain Name and Web Hosting

Cheap Domain Name and Web Hosting

It’s not hard to find a cheap domain name and web hosting in today’s online market for web hosting sets. Competition is fierce. I would suggest to you though to be pay close attention to the other features you get from any hosting company. Read the “fine print” so to speak. Make sure they are not shorting you on features in other areas like band width and disk space.

I have seen a few companies working the market just like all those unbelievable deals you see car dealers make just to get you in the door. Then once you’re in you find out there is a catch. I hate that!!!

If I was looking for a cheap domain name and web hosting today I’d look for a company that offered a free domain name. They are out there. That will save you $10 a year right there.

I would also look for companies that offered multiple domain hosting on the same account. The reason is you may only have plans to build one web site right now, but what about later? You don’t want to pay another hosting fee for an additional web site on down the road when you don’t have too.

I would also look for companies that offered unlimited disk space and unlimited band width. They are out there and most less than $10 a month.

24/7 customer sustain and a guarantee of 99.9% up time is also a must in my opinion. Nothing worse than having your site go down. Also a pain if you a problem with your site and your hosting company doesn’t offer 24/7 live sustain. Been there and done that. Have to email for sustain and just hope they get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Hopefully this has helped you think about a few things you may not have thought about when shopping for your cheap domain name and web hosting.

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