Carry All of Your Work Gear With Ease

Carry All of Your Work Gear With Ease

People who use a good amount of time traveling and working out of their vehicles know just how important it is that they have access to easy and easy to reach storage options so that they can carry all of their important work gear with them. A good deal of professions require that workers in certain fields have their utes or vans loaded up with all of the necessary gear to get the job done.

Whether you are a plumber, an electrician, or part of another profession where you need to keep your means loaded up with all of that important work gear, knowing that you have access to high quality van storage and van racking systems is helpful when you need to keep all of that equipment stored away safely and neatly in your work means. For those starting out with a new van or those that need an upgrade to their storage and organisational systems, there are plenty of standard and customised van storage options that are worth looking at.

Some of the Best Options For Work Vans

No matter what kind of storage system you’re looking for, with the right vendor you will likely be able to find it and have them installed in your work van in no time at all. Some of the most popular options tradies choose for their vehicles include:

  • The false floor with double van drawers

This is one of the most popular products, turning the van floor into a storage space for workers. Small tools and work gear can be stored in the drawers, while the floor units keep up all of the bigger items.

  • The false floor and single van drawer

This option is very similar to the double drawer option, but usually comes with only one storage drawer instead of two, along with the floor storage.

  • The side van drawers

Typically, this option is able to be purchased in double or single drawer variants, and can keep up up to 150 kg per drawer.

  • Shelving units and racking systems

These lightweight options can be configured with different combinations of storage bins, and are very lightweight when compared to heavier options, such as steel.

When looking at van racking systems and other van storage options, look for vendors that are able to customise to your specifications. If you have something you are thinking you would like done for your means that isn’t listed, you can request it and see how much it would cost to have built.

Why Worry About Storage?

These storage systems keep your work means more organised, with all of your tools and supplies separated into their own sections. How much time have you wasted tossing tools about in order to find the one you’re looking for? How much more on top of your game would you be if all your invoicing and paperwork was neatly stowed in its own proper place?

Having your work van or ute equipped with great storage options will help you be more efficient and specialized at every single job.

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