Can You Get H Pylori More Than Once?

I was first diagnosed with H Pylori in 2007 by stool antigen test after I had been experiencing with chest pain, burning stomach and nausea. Once I had treated the H Pylori using a herbal protocol (I used Matula Herbal Formula) my symptoms disappeared very quickly.

I was fine for nearly two years but in October 2009 I felt a vague burning sensation again in my stomach and decided to run another test, just to be certain everything was OK.

The test showed that H Pylori had come back. I was not too surprised, but I did feel disappointment. Fortunately, us

But why and how could H Pylori get back into my body? Here’s where it is really important to debunk some myths that doctors mistakenly pass on to their patients.

1. Your body does not develop antibodies to H Pylori that prevent it from coming back. I’ve had a lot of emails from patients who have been told that H Pylori cannot re-go into their body but this is simply not true.

2. Many doctors do not believe that H Pylori can be passed by kissing, but this again is not true. Studies show that H Pylori can be passed from person to person as it can survive in dental plaque. Kissing and sharing eating utensils is believed to be a shared way that H Pylori gets into your body. When I found that I had H Pylori again in 2009, I asked my partner if she would mind being tested. Guess what, she had H Pylori (and so did her brother). I believe my second H Pylori infection came from my partner also having the infection.

3. already if your partner doesn’t have H Pylori, you can pick it up again at any time by drinking polluted water or eating polluted food.

4. H Pylori is not always completely wiped out by herbal treatments and triple therapy antibiotics. Think of it like this: imagine you have 1000 H Pylori bacteria in your body and they are causing stomach pain, burning and nausea. You take medications or herbs to kill the H Pylori but only 900 are killed. You have 100 left but this is not enough to cause symptoms. So your symptoms go away but there are nevertheless some bacteria in your body. You THINK the H Pylori has gone, but it hasn’t. Over time, as the bacteria copy and grow in number, they can start causing symptoms again. Here, the H Pylori seemed like it went away, but in fact it never did.

5. Because H Pylori has been found in gallstones, it is believed that it can move into the gallbladder and liver ducts. H Pylori Treatments may not reach these parts of the body and bacteria may migrate back into the small intestine and stomach, causing symptoms again.

It is a myth that you cannot have H Pylori more than once. I know this from my personal experience and from the countless emails I receive from people around the world who have H Pylori. I hope my website at can help you understand more about this bacterium. I also recommend that if you are struggling to get rid of H Pylori, have your family tested to make sure they are not passing the infection right back to you.

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