Can the Lakers Win the 2010 NBA Title?

The NBA Playoffs are about to start and quite naturally the biggest question bothering fans from around the world is who will win the title? Kobe or Lebron? Perhaps the Orlando Magic or Phoenix Suns can get into the mix?

We have to let in the fact that there is a lot class about the Lakers. The other teams in the NBA simply don’t have their shine, radiance and style. There is something about the air in Hollywood that’s probably making the LA Lakers as classy as their are. Everyone loves watching Kobe play. Of course a lot of people hate him too, but what do they know about basketball?

No other team in the NBA can win as graciously as the Lakers can, they are fun to watch and when their game goes smoothly, they can get unstoppable. But the reality is that we haven’t seen much of that in the current 2009-2010 season. Yes they nevertheless managed to have the best record in the West but they went by some really bad losses this year, especially in the last month with Andre Bynum out. They got totally smacked up by the young OKC Thunder side and these teams will truly meet in the first round of the Playoffs this year. At some points of this game the Lakers were down by as many as 30 points! The Lakers also lost at home to a wounded Blazers side playing without their leading scorer Brandon Roy and without their starting center, and that happened right at the end of the season.

Now i know a lot of people would say that the LAL are just holding their breath for the important games in the Playoffs and Bynum is out, but by looking at how Kobe has been playing, Laker fans have every right to be worried about their side.

Kobe is lacking the energy that he used to have and he is no longer able to rule games like in his twenties. He is nevertheless a clutch player and the final seconds of each game are again “Kobe-Time” but the energy is not there. And for the Lakers to be able to go by this year’s extremely competitive Western Conference and then have the strength and energy levels to beat Lebron and Co, they would need a GREAT Kobe.

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