Camping Utensils – You Better Not Forget Them

Camping Utensils – You Better Not Forget Them

If you don’t like to be surprised what you will be eating during dinner, lunch or breakfast while you are on a camping trip you better take camping utensils with you and know which items to have in your backpack. Being the best campfire builder doesn’t help a lot when you are missing some of the basic cooking equipment, no matter how great the food and beverages are that you have with you.

The essentials

Some of the camping utensils are very basic and should be with you on every trip that you take. Here are a few of them:

1. A Whisk

When you like to eat a scrambled eggs, create a quiche or bake some pancakes you can’t do without a whisk. And that whisk can come in handy for other recipes in addition for example to mix that hot chocolate.

2. The cheese grater

If there is one thing in the food cabinet that you can’t do without it would be a large block of cheese. And because of that you will need a cheese grater in your camping utensils pack. Something as simple as bread together with grated melted cheese can be a complete meal. The nice thing about a cheese grater is that you can use for other food items like carrots, onions and other vegetables which could make your meal taste wonderful.

3. Cutting board

Because a cutting board is flat and has a level surface you can also use it as a countertop and it is also very east to clean after you have used it. This board will be used to cut all kinds of vegetables and other items, it can of course be used together with the grater we mentioned earlier.

4. Paring knife

A paring knife you use to cut your fruit and the vegetables and other food items. Maybe you will not specifically need it on your trip but maybe having a serrated knife with you could help you a lot and you will see that during the trip both knives will be used frequently.

5. Tongs of steel

You will surely miss them if you don’t have steel tongs with you on your camping trip. Ones you need yo get something out of a hot pot or pan you will wish you could fly home just to get them. When you need to keep noodles or cor under the boiling water and afterwords take them out you know it was a wise decision to take them with you. Another good use of steel tongs is to toast some bread while your at sitting besides the campfire.

6. Eating utensils

You can, of course, eat everything with your hands, but eve if you won’t do it for the sake of hygiene the at the minimum use them so you won’t burn your hands. Always have knives, spoons and forks with you on your camping trip.

7. The brush that scrubs

Yes, being on a camping trip doesn’t average there will be no dishes to clean. So a scrub brush is at the end of this camping utensils list as it is one of the last items used when you are done eating.

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