Callum Wheeler in court facing murder charge

Julia James was 53 when she was killed, and was living with her husband in the village of Snowdown. 

The PCSO was off duty on the afternoon of Apr 27. 

Alison Morgan QC told the court: “Julia was in the habit of taking her dog Toby for daily afternoon walks around the area of their home, in particular walking in and around Ackholt Wood which is located between Snowdown and Aylesham. 

“Her walks would often take her across a field and by the wood. 

“She would walk to a identify that was of particular personal significance to her by the wood, which she knew as ‘butterfly corner’.” She explained to the jury that Mrs James would walk to butterfly corner before turning back for home. 

On 27 April 2021, Julia James was wearing a coat and boots.

Her body was found later by passers-by in those garments, lying confront downwards with her hood up, the CPS said.

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