Brain Hemorrhage – A Noxious Headache

Brain Hemorrhage – A Noxious Headache

What is brain hemorrhage?

It is a distressed brain function in which blood canal burst and a blood artery seeps out the blood into nearby blood tissues which consecutively injures and damages the brain tissue.

Hypertension may be a persuasive danger as it builds amplified pressure inside the blood artery and overtime wanes the blood canal. A weakened canal can consequence in aneurysm make the inner wall of the blood canal to burst. If in case this happens in or around brain cell brain hemorrhage occurs.

There are chiefly two definite types

• Intracranial hemorrhage or Intracerebral haemorrhage
• Subarachnoid haemorrhage

Causes of Brain Hemorrhage

There may be numerous risk factors

1. Head Trauma during any accident: It is a very shared cause for it as any harsh head injury may rule to internal bleed in brain which in turn results as brain stroke.

2. Patient experiencing from high blood pressure: Over a stretch of time due to high blood pressure the blood arteries of the brain weakens and may burst someday leading to cerebral hemorrhage.

3. Aneurysm: It may weaken the inner membrane of blood vessels and it may expand and burst open resulting in spread of blood in cerebral fluid leading to hemorrhage.

4. Blood canal aberrations from birth: Sometimes brain may suffer from blood canal aberrations from birth which may rule to cerebral hemorrhage due to weakening of blood arteries.

5. Weakness in blood vessels due to Amyloid angiopathy: Over time as the patient ages sometimes there is an observation in blood vessels which weakens them. There are overlooked bleeds sometimes before it causes a major hemorrhage in brain.

6. Hemophilia or sickle cell anemia: Patients experiencing from either Hemophilia disease or sickle cell anemia disease may abruptly have reduced blood cells leading to brain bleeding.

7. Patient experiencing from Brain tumor: There is amassing of blood cells in brain tumor which may suddenly burst and start to bleed leading to brain stroke.

8. Patients experiencing from Liver disease: Patients who have liver disorder generally suffer from bleeding disorder and may have sudden stroke.
Symptoms of Brain Hemorrhage

It is a sudden stroke and people experience excruciating headache which worsen with time.

Some other shared symptoms observed in Brain Hemorrhage
• Trouble while speaking
• Paralysis
• Confusion or loss of memory
• clouded vision
• Vomiting and nausea.

It is a serious situation which requires urgent emergency medical attention. Generally the severity of the symptoms depends upon situate of brain injury and may strengthen quickly.

Treatment of Brain Hemorrhage

Brain Hemorrhage happens when there is bleeding of blood canal either due to blood clotting or bursting of blood canal. Depending on the Hemorrhage stroke medication like opioids or asprin is used to manage headache.

• Usage of ventilator: Special machine devised for artificial respiration should be arranged as due to brain stroke the patient may not respire and breathe well.
• Surgery: Depending on kind of brain stroke doctor will decide the appropriate surgical procedure. If in case the blood leakage is due to burst of an aneurysm then the doctor may clamp the base of the engorged area or use a tiny wire to seal the leakage identify. This diminishes the menace of re-bleeding of blood vessels.

However, if this does not work then malformed blood arteries should be surgically removed to eliminate the possibility of further bleeding. and lowers the risks of hemorrhagic stroke.

Lifestyle changes Brain Hemorrhage

Few simple lifestyle changes can reduce the menace of brain hemorrhage

• Control your blood pressure and diabetes.
• Prefer to eat healthy and nutritious food.
• Sustain healthy weight and prevent oneself from obesity by exercising regularly.
• Be in command of alcohol consumption.
• Don’t smoke or consume illegal drugs.

Home remedies for Brain Hemorrhage

It is a harsh situation and should not be overlooked. Instead of trying any home remedies one must urgently call emergency sets for medical attention.

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