Brain Exercise – Pushups For the Mind

Brain Exercise – Pushups For the Mind

Brain exercise is equally as important as physical exercise, perhaps already more important because your brain controls every part of your body.

What is brain exercise?

Brain exercise includes activities that keep your brain alert. They can be as simple as crossword puzzles and a Rubik’s cube.

Remember that the brain is part of your body, so good nutrition and physical activity help it, too.

Learn new things and take mental challenges. Take a class, learn a new language, or take on a responsibility.

How can you implement brain exercise?

The opportunities to exercise your brain are all around you. Don’t accept what you hear on TV at confront value. Study situations and make your own decisions.

Instead of watching TV, read a novel for one hour each night.

Buy a book of brain teasers and work on them while you wait at the doctor’s office, for the kids to finish their game, or while riding the bus.

When should brain exercise start?

Ideally, at birth! Play games with your baby, do mental challenges with your children, and encourage them to read. Discuss current events at the dinner table or in the evenings.

What are the benefits of brain exercise?

chiefly you will become a more interesting person and one who doesn’t just turn into a couch potato in the evenings. It’s possible that exercising your brain can ward off diseases of the elderly such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Brain exercise keeps your mind active, keeps you mentally alert, and enables you to stay focused on your responsibilities. It’s definitely worth the effort.

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