Boric Acid Uses and Safety

Boric Acid Uses and Safety

Boric Acid

Boric acid is an amazing substance. It is common in the earth’s crust. It’s chemical composition is H3 BO3. That method three parts hydrogen, one part boron, and three parts oxygen. Since the chemical occurs so common in character, you can find boron occurring naturally in plants and animals. Does that average it is 100% safe? The answer is that, as long as precautions are made, it is a safe product to use.


There is no evidence that boric acid causes cancer. In animal testing, it has caused problems for the fetus and in reproduction. For example, testicular atrophy can occur from getting a measure of over 32 milligrams in a 90 day period. It can also be deadly, if you inhale or eat a measure of 5-30 grams.

The most unsafe part of boric acid is the dust. If you are not careful, you could inhale some of it and it doesn’t take very much to cause problems. The deadly measure of 5 grams is the exact weight of a US nickel.

For insect control, most people prefer the bait over the dust. For one reason, you don’t have to worry about inhalation. Secondly, the insects come to you and that is a lot less chasing around. Most homes can be free of roaches, ants, termites, and silverfish with a single roach bait container. It is good to know that the bait is typically a 33% solution and that makes it safer than straight dust.

The bottom line of safety is do not eat it and don’t inhale it. Contact with the skin is not dangerous as long as there are no cuts and wounds it is going into.


Boric acid is most often used to control insect populations. For example, it is known to be good for roaches and ants and scabies. The main assistance is that compared to other insecticides it is a much safer cure. In addition, it will eliminate the nest and that is crucial to control insect populations. Many insect control methods do not address the nest reproduction.

It is also used for many other things. It is used as a flame retardant. It is used to slow down nuclear fission. It is used to treat lumber against moisture and insects. It also has the uncommon use of being an ingredient to the toy silly putty. It is used as a vaginal suppository. It is used as an eye wash. It is used as an antiseptic. It has many more uses. The main thing is that it is a valuable naturally occurring chemical that makes your life better.

Final Thought

Boric acid is a safe cure for many things. The main precaution to take is that, while using the dust, don’t inhale it. If you can perform the same thing in a non-dust formula, use that instead. Finally, don’t eat it.

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