Book Review of "Walk to Beautiful"

Book Review of "Walk to Beautiful"

I am a fan of country music. My childhood dream was always to become a country music recording artist. I’ve given up on that dream because God’s answer has been no. I do cry when I watch performances because I’ve never understood why some people get to have their dreams come true and others don’t. I’ve accepted that it just wasn’t meant to be. However, the songs we listen to come from life experience. I don’t want to persevere pain to have a song to write about.

Jimmy Wayne Barber had the courage to proportion explicit details of the horrors he endured growing up. Not only did he tell his story, he took it a step further and walked from Nashville, Tennessee to Phoenix, Arizona in order to raise awareness for foster children aging out of the system. I am so happy that he has found happiness, forgiveness and seems to be a genuinely sincere human being.

I had taken in a girl at one time many years ago. I meant well but was not able to manager the circumstance longer than a year. I know life was tough for her and her viewpoint was different from mine. I do wish she could know I did have her best interest at heart.

Jimmy Wayne witnessed a murder, an attempted murder in which an innocent bystander was seriously injured and was almost a victim of murder himself. He has been abused in every form. His mother had bipolar disorder. We know more about that condition today than we did back then.

The change in Jimmy’s life came when an elderly associate took him into their home. The husband died but the wife became the biggest influence in his life. She later passed away after he was grown.

God has had a hand on Jimmy’s life and used his experiences to help others. One touching story was how he gave dignity to a homeless man by talking to him about getting groomed and dressed and used him as an additional in a music video. He got a good meal, was treated with respect and already got to be an additional in some projects with other people.

I’m grateful for my blessings, prayerful for those in my path and hoping to see God’s purpose in my own life. If I can’t sing, I at the minimum would like to have a story to tell that can bless others.

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