Book Review – Flashpoint

Book Review – Flashpoint

Flashpoint: Book one of the Underground Series

By Frank Creed

The Writer’s Cafe Press

ISBN 978-1-934284-01-8

A thriller that touches the soul, Flashpoint by Frank Creed hits the ground running when a father’s love for the Lord thrusts his children into a run-for-your-life adventure riddled with action, suspense, and a quick lesson in what it method to serve the Lord in times of harsh persecution.

The underground church of 2036 sweeps the children into the safety of the body where they receive new identities as Calamity Kid and e-girl. by the church, they learn Peacekeepers have invaded their home and take not only their parents into custody, but every family in their home church. That method one thing. Someone they know and trusted betrayed them. Where do they turn from here? How do they find their parents, and if they don’t what happens to them? With no time to wallow in fear or self pity, the young saints go into the battle against time and the One State Peacekeepers with supernaturally charged talents.

Creed provides clear, break-neck visuals as his characters master the tool of traveling by cyber space. The stellar highway’s Revolutionary technology aids Fundis in their quest for Christ against the One-State world government. Creed’s believable, easy to care for characters not only receive super hero powers, but supernatural hero powers to excitement action junkies of any age.

An edge of your seat must have read woven with threads of God’s truth and a touch of humor amid a futuristic society taught to fear fundamentalists willing to name the name of Jesus. The solution–move them to rehab.

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