Be Your Own Hero!

There are many kinds of idols in life – war idols, super idols, emergency sets professionals. Have you ever considered yourself in this category?

If you are like most people, you have developed the habit of moving by your successes, and accomplishments, in life much too quickly! That’s strong conditioning for many of us who grew up in the day and age when it was not a good thing to speak well of yourself.

“If you’re feeling good about you, what you’re wearing outside doesn’t average a thing!”- Leontyne Price

There are a few simple things you can do to build your sense of self-worth and self-efficacy. I want to proportion some of the practices I have because I want you to strengthen your confidence and courage when it comes time to take risks and try new things both in business and in life.

1. I keep an index card by my computer – a new one each Monday, dated for that week. Any time I get a complimentary e-mail from a client, a card in the mail, a positive wall post on Facebook, then I add a one-line statement about it on the index card. Each Friday, I take about 5 minutes to read each statement, I close my eyes after each one and just visualize what that looks like and feels like. I really ‘take it all in”. Then, I add that particular card to my ‘success box’ – in which I have stacks of cards from this past year. When I am having a bad day, or I’ve just finished a disappointing phone call……or what have you, I grab that card on my desk and take a few minutes to wallow in the good stuff! I’ve kept these cards over the years – it’s fabulous to go back and review them.

2. I journal each night. In this journal, I elaborate on what’s gone well each day – particularly, if I have been dealing with a challenging client or new, intimidating situation. I celebrate each part of those situations that has gone well – there’s always at the minimum one thing!

3. I keep a Vision Board on my office wall for the year. Each time I accomplish something on my Vision Board, I put a small check mark by it. I take a few moments to celebrate that achievement. This builds the confidence and courage to consider bigger risks and loftier dreams for the following year.

4. I proportion with my closest friends. I have a close course of action of girlfriends who have a pretty substantial understanding of what it is I do each day for a living. They recognize that there are challenges and setbacks in the work that I do. They also cheer me on when I take quantum leaps, try new things and make it happen. This really contributes my confidence and courage when I get their positive feedback because I really value their opinion – and it’s great to have your own team of cheer-leaders!

5. I proportion my accomplishments in my public speaking presentations, where and when it is appropriate. Being raised a ‘good Catholic girl’, this didn’t always come easy. What I have learned, by experience though, is that it is basic to proportion my accomplishments because it inspires other women to develop the confidence and courage to try some of those things………I have walked the path and they know it can be done.

6. I update my bio regularly and am sure to include my accomplishments. When prospects read about them, it makes them feel comfortable about working with me as a coach and/or master mind leader. It instills confidence in them and assures them that they have made a great decision in working with me.

7. I post updates on Facebook and other social media. It gives messages of hope and encouragement to others to step up and develop the courage to try some of the things I have done. I have been nominated for the 2010 RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year – holy crow – that’s quite an accomplishment and other woman solopreneurs around me need to know that this kind of recognition is possible!


It is so easy to pass by our accomplishments and successes. Most of us have been conditioned not to think or speak well of ourselves – that it is bragging. Well, quite frankly, would YOU want to work with a coach or master mind leader who has NOT experienced, or shared, any achievements? I would hope not. Do YOU want to form to your children that it is basic to continue to grow and develop and become the best person you can be in life? It’s all about building that internal sense of self-worth and only you can do this – by internalizing all that you have done well, by accepting compliments that you are given, by bold to have a strong self-image. Confidence and courage doesn’t just happen……and it doesn’t happen overnight……..but, over time, you can be your own hero! Don’t wait for someone else to build you up – start today.


1. Develop the habit of keeping an index card by your computer – start today.

2. At the end of this week, make time to stop, read what’s on the card, internalize all those good things – and file the card in your (new) Success Box!

3. Start over with another new card on Monday!

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