Asbestos Removal and How Asbestos is the Building Meterial of the Futu…

Asbestos Removal and How Asbestos is the Building Meterial of the Futu…

For the last two decades or so asbestos has been viewed as a unhealthy and dangerous building material that can cause cancer and lung diseases and for that reason an asbestos removal UK contractor is needed to get rid of it. There are nevertheless tens of thousands of homes nevertheless existing that have been built using asbestos as the main building material or with asbestos included in the design.

This was not always the case of course. In the 1950’s asbestos was being hailed as a marvelous building material that could be moulded into any shape. It was very strong, it was both heat resistant and fire resistant, being able to resist extreme temperatures..

Due to its inherent qualities, asbestos was used to make pre-fabricated walls and roofs for the huge number of ‘prefab’ houses as they became known. The use of asbestos helped speed up the time of action of manufacture and also transportation of these pre-made units. Units made from asbestos didn’t need to be as thick as when other building materials were used.

To promote the use of asbestos to the general public in addition as to building and housing contractors, Asbestos-Cement Products Association released a short film detailing all the benefits of asbestos. They called it “According to Plan.”

When you see the short 15 minute commercial you’ll probably laugh at how they saw the future of asbestos in addition as all the ways they try to get people to believe in the surprise of this miraculous building material.

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