Article Outsourcing – Where to Find Resources For Your Online Marketing Business Part 2

Article Outsourcing – Where to Find Resources For Your Online Marketing Business Part 2

Many times online marketing business owners seek sustain from others outside their business. This includes the use of technical experts to fill specific business needs. Outsourcing is a frequently used strategy to get the quality sustain your business needs. This is article two of a two part series on where to locate quality outsourced resources for article creation. In part one several possible supplies were provided. That list continues here.

You can contact writers directly. When you find articles you like, look for their email addresses and find out what their rates are. Good places to do this include, Associated Content, and All are written chiefly by freelance writers in a variety of topics. Another way to find good writers is to talk to other online marketers for recommendations. They often work with excellent, pre-vetted writers and are happy to recommend them to you.

Internet searching is another option for finding the right writers for your online marketing business. Just searching for the keyword article writers, for example, will turn up some. Surprisingly, it’s not the best way to find them. Most good web writers find plenty of work without having to advertise, and like the proverbial plumber, they work on everyone else’s projects without paying enough attention to their own.

When you’re vetting your consultant writers, there are a few specific items to ask for. They should have a track record. You want to know that they write well, do not plagiarize (a serious problem), are diligent and timely, and fill your requirements with minimal direction.

When you’re starting out using article writers for your online marketing business you want a writer with experience who can help teach YOU how to write your requests. Later, less-experienced writers are okay. But wait until you know what you need from them. Most of all, you want a writer who creates engaging articles, whose writing is easy to reach and intelligent and makes you want to read more. A writer with minor flaws in other areas who fulfills that last requirement will more than make up for his or her shortcomings.

To your journey on the road to online marketing business success!

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