Are You Asking Yourself – Who is the Best Defense Group For DUI Case?

Are You Asking Yourself – Who is the Best Defense Group For DUI Case?

The Answer Is Clear! Your Best Choice For Dependable Experienced Legal Representation.

Do you know about the “DUI Clean Up Bill” that was passed in Pennsylvania in 2004? Unless you are a DUI attorney in Pennsylvania, you probably don’t know a whole lot about this bill, or any other laws that have to do with driving under the influence. After all, why would the average American be educated on the most recent changes in the laws?

The reality is that already many lawyers do not know all the ins and outs of law unless they focus their practice as attorneys in Erie, Pennsylvania or other parts of the state. This is because changes in the law are made on a regular basis, and new situations are continually won and challenged by DUI attorneys in Erie, Pennsylvania. This method it takes a great deal of effort to stay current on DUI laws. The DUI Clean Up Bill is one such example.

Although the Clean Up Bill was introduced as an effort to make the laws more clear, it has truly caused a great deal of confusion among police officers, judges and DUI attorneys in Erie, Pennsylvania. consequently, when asking yourself “Who is the best attorney for my DUI case?,” be sure to select someone who has the experience and knowledge it takes to understand this bill thoroughly.

Some of the provisions made by the bill that attorneys in Erie, Pennsylvania need to understand include…

•Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition requires defendants to keep under Court supervision for at the minimum six months, and for no more than 12 months

•Minors, which are those between the ages of 18 and 20, are unprotected to a 90 day license suspension if they receive ARD

•Illegally operating a means without a required ignition interlock system is a misdemeanor that results in a fine between $300 and $1000 if convicted, in addition as imprisonment for no more than 90 days.

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