Ancient Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

It may come as a surprise to some to discover that Premature Ejaculation is not a newly discovered disease, and in fact, has been known about for many centuries, as can be seen when exploring some of the ancient remedies spoken of, about this issue. In the following article, I will introduce some of the concepts behind the Ancient Indian beliefs on how to cure Premature Ejaculation.

In the days of the Ancient Indians, it was a shared occurrence for the Maharajas to have had many wives, already to numbers as high as 100 wives, in some situations. Although this fact sheds a degree of danger when thinking about sexually transmitted diseases, it also sheds a light on the habits of the male. For example, already with only 10 wives, a Maharaja would have to satisfy more than one wife per day, as an average. To do this, they must have known some kind of technique or lifestyle, that has since been lost in time, which allowed them to perform at their best.

Although the amount of sufferers of Premature Ejaculation have risen in modern times, already in the time of the Ancient Maharajas, this was a problem that men had to confront. For this reason, and the reason stated above, being that the husband was required to be in peak condition to satisfy many wives, the ancient doctors of the time, who studied a form of medicine known as Ayurvedic Healing, took it upon themselves to learn and discover as much as they could about Premature Ejaculation and it’s effective remedies. Another reason for the development of effective remedies of this problem, was the extremely lucrative reward that was paid for successful techniques and herbal remedies.

After much study and researching of the problem, the Ancient Ayurvedic Doctors had finally agreed on the most noticeable cause of Premature Ejaculation. In the Ancient Ayurvedic view, the problem arises when an imbalance of a vital energy in the body has occurred or is occurring. The problem would keep until balance was restored. The vital energy that was found to be in imbalance by the Ancient Indian Doctors was what is called the Vata.

Further research made by the Ancient Indians, rule to the discovery of different herbal treatments, that when applied correctly to the body, would help to restore and sustain balance in the Vata. Below are a few of the more shared herbal applications that are believed to aide in the restoration of the Vata and to cure Premature Ejaculation.

The first of these herbal remedies takes little preparation and uses elements freely obtainable at the supermarket or health food store, however, for the best effects, if these products can be gathered from organic, and unprocessed, supplies, the effects will be more potent. For this cure, one should take an Almond nut and grind it in a mortar and pestle until it is crumbled. The crumbled Almond is then placed into a glass of milk, and consumed. This drink is taken twice a day. The effect should be noticeable within a week.

The next cure we will look at involves a very similar procedure as the Almond cure listed above. This time, one would take a teaspoon of Ginseng and then add this to a glass of warm to hot milk. This cure is also drunk twice daily and is usually taken upon waking in the morning and on going to bed of a night time.

The effect of both this cure, using Ginseng, and also the cure mentioned above, using Almond, are said to help prolong the time it takes to reach ejaculation. Both of these remedies are taken orally as a herbal supplement and may be taken with other such herbal remedies also. The Ayurvedic Doctors of Ancient India put great emphasis on the importance of keeping a diet that complements the Vata. The shared component shared between most Vata balancing foods, is that they seem to be very low in cholesterol.

in addition as herbal remedies that were to be eaten or drunk, the Ayurvedic Doctors of Ancient India, also came up with other herbal remedies that were to be used externally, such as this next one, which involves an oil named Taila Oil.

This oil is used by being massaged into the penis until erection is reached and the oil has been well massaged in. The benefits attained from Taila Oil are said to be helpful in strengthening the penis and muscles in addition as helping to sustain erection longer and prolong the effects of premature ejaculation. This oil is a little less commonly found as the two past elements, however, can usually be found at most good health food shops.

Next the Ayurvedic Healers found two other techniques, which did not require any elements and could be practiced at almost any time in almost any place, without disturbing others. These techniques are shared to many different healing systems and have many more benefits than simply helping to cure Premature Ejaculation, however, we shall focus on the benefits for Premature Ejaculation sufferers.

The first of these techniques is a very shared practice, that many people have attempted, or nevertheless practice now, and that can assistance all of the systems of the body and help promote stronger health. It is Meditation. One of the main benefits that can be attained from regular meditation is shown where Meditation seems to help us avoid negative mentality and attitude, and also seems to allow us to center and compose ourselves. The immediate advantage here is that, by avoiding these negative states and freeing ourselves of negative emotions, we are much less likely to suffer Premature Ejaculation that is brought on by anxiety in one form or another. And lastly, Meditation can help us by helping to strengthen our mental abilities, consequently making it easier to control our ejaculation a little more effectively by mind alone.

The last technique that we will look at now is very similar to the Meditation technique that is mentioned above, however this technique goes one step further again by introducing body or muscular control in addition as mind control. The technique is known as Yoga. As mentioned above, the major assistance that Yoga brings, that wasn’t present simply by meditation, is that this more complicate technique involves not only meditation, and control of the mind, but also the benefits of teaching you to control your body in addition, to be control your breathing, and at the same time to strengthen your constitution and mental and physical health.

All of these techniques and remedies were used in ancient times to combat the problem of Premature Ejaculation, which as the records show, already the Ancient Maharajas were inclined to. However thanks to the wisdom and determination of those wise Ancient Healers known as the Ayurvedics, we now have some very good leads to follow and techniques to try.

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