Amway – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

Amway – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

Amway scam is the first thing that comes to mind whenever somebody is approached about networking these days. Amway scam pre-judgements aside however the real question is this. Is it indeed an Amway scam or a genuine business opportunity?

The truth is Amway is one of the oldest network marketing companies, established in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos in Ada, Michigan. It started out just a tiny company selling a single cleaning product.

Amway Scam – The Good!

From such humble beginnings Amway has since gone on to unprotected to emotional levels of success, expanding rapidly to the point of currently turning over in excess of $8 billion in yearly sales. Amway market and spread a variety of exceptionally high quality consumer products, backed by a complete money-back guarantee. A range that has now grown so substantial I’m not already going to try to list already a portion of the products.

Reported by Forbes as one of the largest privately held companies in the United States, and ranked by Deloitte as one of the largest retailers in the world. This positive publicity and acclaim should be more than sufficient to put to rest any claims of an Amway scam by already the most harsh of critics however we will soon find this is clearly not the case.

Amway Scam – The Bad!

The Amway scam stigma stems not from the rock substantial company or its products but from the income opportunity it provides. You see Amway market and sell their products by their Independent business owners or IBO’s as they’ve come to be known. Unfortunately this is where things take a turn for the worst.

Like nearly all other network marketing companies Amway IBO’s are fervently promoted to write down their list of friends and family otherwise known as their warm list before then approaching them about joining the Amway opportunity or at the very least buying some product. What however then happens is new IBO’s find it extremely difficult going with their warm market and fail to unprotected to any observe worthy success as a consequence becoming extremely disillusioned with the complete affair.

Amway Scam – The Ugly!

Stories of this character are extremely shared, I would go so far as to say they are the norm given network marketing’s such high attrition rates. And for this reason alone there are a great deal many highly disgruntled former IBO’s claiming to have been taken advantage of by the Amway scam. When in reality it was simply their warm market approach which was at fault and not the Amway opportunity at all.

The plain cold hard unavoidable truth of the matter is this. In order to be successful in Amway or any other network marketing company for that matter it’s absolutely basic you have a few more strategies up your sleeve other than simply pitching friends and family. As new IBO’s very quickly exhaust their warm market leaving them only two possibilities, they quit and then tell everybody of their Amway scam experience or they begin pitching strangers.

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