Among the Industry-Best and Largest Brands Providing Technology-Orient…

Among the Industry-Best and Largest Brands Providing Technology-Orient…

Phoenix Contact – A Strong and Reliable Partner for Cutting-edge Products and Solutions:

Phoenix Contact is a global manufacturer of electrical engineering elements, systems, and solutions, with over 70 subsidiary companies in 50 countries around the world. The company was established 80 years ago in Bloomberg, Germany, where it is headquartered today. It wasn’t until 1981 that Phoenix Contact USA was established in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Phoenix Contact USA is in fact one of the company’s very first subsidiaries. Today, Phoenix Contact employs around 12,300 people with 30 sales partners around the world. The company attained its reputation when in 1987; it introduced the field bus system INTERBUS. It currently offers the following products: terminal blocks, PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors, PCB enclosures and boxes, industrial Ethernet, industrial PC, I/O systems, signal conditioning and interface elements, surge protection, and industrial connectors, cables, and cord sets.

As of 2013, Phoenix Contact has unveiled new transducers, terminal blocks, industrial PCs, surge protection, and rectangular plug connection systems. The new thin transducers provide easy configuration and easy installation alternatives for frequency signals. They introduced two universal software-programmable temperature transducers to the MINI Analog family, which can transform signals from shared resistance temperature detectors and thermocouple temperature sensors. They also characterize The new terminal blocks, the PTIO1.5/S series, include sensor and actuator strength dispensing blocks, expanding the company’s line of push-in technology. It is a insignificant 3.5 mm wide and has the highest density strength dispensing on the market. Its industrial PC was named the IDEA finalist and received the 2013 Industrial Design Excellence Award, based on the following criteria: innovation, assistance of society, assistance to the client, visual popularity and aesthetics, strategic value, usability, implementation. Phoenix Contact has introduced the VAL-MS BE_AR line of surge protective devices, which modernizes lightning protection for the railroad industry by combining hybrid surge protection technologies and progressive connection. In addition, it is four times faster to install than traditional AAR surge protective devices, not to mention that they carry some other meaningful advantages. Look for new products to be unveiled and new developments for this company in the years to come.

Allen Bradley – Growing at an Impressive Speed:

Allen Bradley is a part of Rockwell Automation, which is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. It is a brand name for Rockwell’s line of factory automation equipment. Initially, Dr. Stanton Allen and Lynde Bradley invested a insignificant $1,000 in 1903 and established the company as Compression Rheostat Company. 7 years later in 1910, it was renamed Allen-Bradley Company. It wasn’t until 1952 that the company’s very first subsidiary was opened in Ontario, Canada. Today, that very same subsidiary employs around 1000 people. Rockwell International, which is now Rockwell Automation, acquired Allen-Bradley for a lump sum of $1.651 billion, the same year that the company set a record for over $1 billion in annual sales. Other brand names under the Rockwell Automation company name include Anorad, HIPROM, ICS Triplex, Pavilion Technologies, Reliance Electric Drives, and Rockwell Software.

Rockwell Automation had estimated revenues of $4.5 billion in 2006, which has grown to $6.26 billion in global sales of 2012. It is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the current CEO is Keith Nosbusch. The company employs over 22,000 people while serving over 80 countries around the world. The company operates in two business segments: architecture and software, and control products and solutions. Architecture and Software is a division that is involved in information platforms, software applications, and automation elements. however, Control Products & Solutions is involved in motor control products, solutions, and sets. Rockwell Automation is also involved in manufacturing programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces, safety elements and systems, drives and excursion systems, motor control centers, sensors, in addition as other similar systems. In addition, Rockwell Automation offers asset management sets such as consulting. However, Allen-Bradley is most widely known for its low temperature sensors, which are out of use and slightly of a commodity today. These products are obtainable for premium prices and usually come with calibration data to keep them running.

In recent news, Rockwell Automation has earned the US Green Building Council LEED Certification, by reducing its impact on the ecosystem. Furthermore, it has introduced a security initiative that allows manufacturers to reduce risks from cyber-security threats. They also progressive their technology by increasing 3-D capabilities in arena simulation software, which further enables customers to analyze the results of their business simulations in more realistic environments.

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