A Sony KDL-32EX503 Review

A Sony KDL-32EX503 Review

The Sony KDL-32EX503 is a new 32 inch, Bravia TV that is coming out in 2010. At about 700 pounds, it’s comparatively affordable. The television offers several improvements over earlier versions of this TV. Users can take advantage of settings that provide for clear, crisp and comfortable viewing.

The TV has high definition 1920×1080 native screen resolution, which method viewers can watch in complete high definition clarity. This combines with MotionFlow 100hz technology that method fast moving pictures keep clear and sharp. This works well for sports and action movies.

The television offers connectivity for a variety of devices. Users can connect their TV to the internet. They can also use the TV to view their photos and plug in USB devices. This form has four HDMI inputs that work with Blu-Ray Players, PlayStations and others. The television also offers parental controls.

The ambient sensor function of the television senses the amount of light in a room and adjusts the picture consequently to make watching TV more comfortable. The LiveColour characterize gives the viewer four options for colour settings. These include Off, Low, Medium and High. This characterize optimizes the colours on the screen.

Sound is adjustable and optimized in several ways. The speakers are hidden but placed to provide the best angle for sound. S-Force Front Surround technology works with the speakers to offer digital surround sound. This provides a quality sound experience.

The TV offers strength saving that uses less energy. The television also has an automatic shut-off if there isn’t any activity in a certain amount of time. Users can also set the sleep mode. The TV has a mode called strength Saving that reduces the backlight in faint rooms. This characterize not only saves energy, it makes watching TV more comfortable. When connected to a computer, the television switches to standby if it has not received a signal in 30 seconds.

The far away offers SceneSelect. This features allows the user to push one button on the far away and adjust the picture and sound to preset settings. Further, the far away control can act as a universal far away and run other devices. Users have the convenience of managing their multiple uses with one far away.

The TV tuners are built in to the set. The digital tuner is included and users don’t need a set-top box for digital channels offered over the air. The form also has a high definition tuner built in. This method that people don’t need a separate box for hi-def channels. This TV is a good choice for those looking to get ready for the switch to digital television.

European customers need to be aware that there is a slightly different form obtainable to them. The Sony KDL32EX503 is known as the KDL32EX502. This form uses a different HD tuner, the MPEG4 AVC HD tuner. Other than that, it has the same features.

The Sony KDL-32EX503 is the next generation from Sony and incorporates Bravia technology. It allows users to attach several devices, look at photos and optimize their sound and picture experience. Customers can expect to use around 700 pounds for this television. At 32 inches, it’s a good fit for many homes.

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