A $200 Dollar Investment in Yourself

A $200 Dollar Investment in Yourself

A $200 dollar investment may not really be enough to create any meaningful returns in a term bank place or already the stock market, however, there is one place an individual can invest this amount of money and get startling returns not only closest but long term enrichment, so let me explain here, what I average.

Investing is an important activity that anyone should consider as early as they can. The longer your capital is invested the better off you will ultimately be and starting in the teen years is the ideal. But with only a few hundred to invest, it may be a fairly useless exercise, excuse me, not useless, but lets just say there are much more tangible benefits and returns you can put that amount of money.

To invest $200 dollars in yourself and to be more specific in an education is possibly the best thing you can do with that sort of capital. Investing that money in books or a course of some sort is fundamentally a sound choice and here are three reasons why.

1) Learning how to do something new, opens up new doors and new opportunities you may have never already thought of. This is what I call opportunity returns. This alone is much better than trying to collect a insignificant 7% over a year from $200 dollars in a bank term place.

2) When you learn something new, something very scarce happens. You cannot lose knowledge. You may forget but ut is nevertheless there and it is part of you. So learning something new is like a door you pass by that nobody can push you out of.

3) Learning something new gives you a firmer life confidence. When you learn a skill and apply your knowledge to develop that skill and find the right tools, you give yourself life affirming feedback in the form of success. Your dividends are so much more by investing that $200 dollars on yourself.

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