7 basic Oils Useful For Inducing Sound Sleep

7 basic Oils Useful For Inducing Sound Sleep

Sleep is a necessity of the body that brings rest to all the body organs, after a long day’s activity. A person can rejuvenate his physical energy by a night’s sleep, for at the minimum 6 to 8 hours. But the crucial fact is that only a perfectly sound sleep can provide the desired consequence for the physical and mental stability of a person. On the contrary, disturbed sleep can rule the body to experience terrible fatigue throughout the day, in addition as consequence in the without of concentration and irritated mood.

But there are a few basic oils that are known to be effective in creating sound sleep, curing all the sleep disorders. These natural oils are all extracted from the flowers, fruits, and the wood of various kinds of trees and plants.

1. Lavender Oil – This sweet-scented oil is derived from the lavender flowers, which has an excellent effect to calm down eager feelings. So it is best to apply this oil before going to bed at night, to ensure sound sleep without any disturbance. Only 1-2 drops of lavender oil should be additional to the pillow or directly to the forehead, wrists, and feet of the user so that its soothing essence can help him/her fall asleep very quickly.

2. Roman Chamomile – Many people are used in the regular intake of chamomile tea for health reasons. However, this basic oil derived from the Roman chamomile plant is useful in relaxing the body and mind of a user. The soft herbal essence of this oil resembles the scent of apple to some extent. This sweet fragrance acts as a stress-reliever and reduces all negative emotions, like anger, bitterness, and irritation.

3. Cedarwood Oil – This oil is derived from the bark of the cedarwood tree. It is used for relaxing the disturbed nerves, due to its natural sedative strength. A few drops of this basic oil can be additional to the pillow of a patient experiencing from insomnia and watched the difference immediately. except inducing a feeling of peacefulness, this oil helps in fighting shared cold and different household pests.

4. Vetiver – This oil is obtained from vetiver grass, which is also called khus-khus in many Asian countries. It can be applied directly to the body skin for reducing mental stress, leading to sound sleep at night. It also works fast in soothing mental traumas and emotional shocks. It is used as a medicine for the relaxation of nerves and to stimulate the circulatory system of the body.

5. Valor – This basic oil is made by mixing rosewood oil, frankincense oil, black spruce oil, and blue tansy oil. Its woody scent helps in maintaining balance in the nervous system, resulting in increasing the physical and mental strength of the user. additionally, it prompts courage, self-confidence, and concentration. It also decreases the anxiety level, balances the emotional upheaval, and already reduces back pain. Hence, a few drops of this oil should be massaged on the wrists, feet, chest, and neck before going to bed or may be additional to the massage oil for a complete-body massage.

6. Orange – This oil is derived from the peels of fresh orange, for which it has a sweet, fruity fragrance that calms down a disturbed mind. While it uplifts the mood of the user and acts as an anti-depressant; this basic oil also known to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory similarities. It also contains d-limonene, which is an antioxidant and consequently, helps in regenerating body cells.

7. Stress away – This basic oil is made by mixing lime basic oil and vanilla extract. Sometimes, other pure basic oils, like lavender oil and cedarwood oil are additional to this useful oil to make it a more powerful sleep-inducing agent. The sweet citrus aroma of this oil calms down emotions and makes the user mentally peaceful, by driving out all tensions and hard feelings from his/her mind.

The best way of using these basic oils is to spray into the nostrils with the help of a small home diffuser. In the absence of such a tool, one can simply rub a few drops of any of these oils on the palms and inhale the essence, by cupping the hands in front of the nose. These oils can also be massaged gently on the neck, chest, hands, and feet, to generate faster and sounder sleep.

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