3 Rules For Creating Leads For MLM Distributors In Your Local Market

3 Rules For Creating Leads For MLM Distributors In Your Local Market

It is predictable, you get involved with a MLM Opportunity, you blow throw the people you know letting them know about your products and opportunity ….NOW WHAT?

How do you find more people to talk to? Unfortunately a great deal of newbie distributors start buying MLM leads from various rule companies. This is the wrong move! MLM rule companies at their BEST offer inconsistent leads.

Until you have Master How to create your own leads, why would you use your hard earned money on leads? I talk more about this concept at [http://www.WebCashLeads.com].

I am not against MLM rule generation programs. They have there place, after you have mastered how to create leads in your local market. When I first started in the industry, there were no such thing as a Network Marketing Leads company so we were forced to learn how to create our own leads, there were no shortcuts.

If this makes sense, let me proportion with you 7 Rules to follow when creating leads for Network Marketing distributors in your local market.

Rule #1

Set up a voicemail “Ad Box”. Some companies provide voice mail boxes for their distributors. If yours doesn’t look in your local yellow pages under voice mail. ALL of your advertising and promotion materials should have this phone number listed. This way you can contact all when you are focused and in control. The worst thing in the world is trying to communicate the benefits of a strength business with babies screaming, dogs barking or other distraction going on in the background.

Rule #2

Leave the right message on your Ad Box. I have tested this many times over the years. This is absolutely undebatable. Your message should say

“Thank you for responding to our National Advertising Campaign, at the sound of the tone, please leave us your name, address, phone number and email address and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible”

I know some leaders believe in 3 minute sizzle lines, or complete blown conference calls. Don’t take there advise. ANY THING YOU SAY ABOUT YOUR COMPANY, PRODUCT OR OPPORTUNITY AT THIS POINT WILL ONLY decline the number of people that leave you there data! PERIOD! Your goal is to collect contact info, not tell them anything about your products or opportunity.

Rule # 3

Blitz your Market. Now that you have your rule box set up properly you want to get your information into the market place EVERYWHERE! Blitz your market with promotional materials.


Drop Cards, also known as sizzle cards, every network marketer should be using these, the best we have found are the ones that look like $100 bills and obtainable at http://www.CMGPromotions.com

Bulletin Board Flyers Every community has public bulletin boards where people are selling cars, giving away kittens, etc. You should have promotional flyers on every bulletin board within your community. IT’S FREE ADVERTISING!

LOCAL CABLE TV CLASSIFIEDS. Many communities have local scrolling classified ad sites. You will be shocked how cheaply you can advertise on these sites, check them out.

You can also use:

* Local Newspaper Advertising

* Door Hangers

* Library Book Promotions

* Trade Shows and Fall Festivals

* Become a Welcome Wagon Sponsor

And much much more. To learn 21 different ways to create leads in your local market you can visit http://www.LocalMLMLeads.com.

The bottom line is after you master rule generation in your local market you can duplicate these methods throughout your complete organization and everybody will be much better off with these types of promotions, instead of wasting money buying leads.

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