2010 Internet Connectivity – Who is King?

2010 Internet Connectivity – Who is King?

As we go into the new decade, it promises to be quite a ride for Internet Service Provider companies. The Internet is definitely a big market with lots of people vying for its attention and trying to get on it. With so many smart phones out there including Blackberry’s 9700, Apple iPhone 3GS and Google’s Nexus One amongst others, 2010 promises to be the year of the Mobile Internet.

The first commercial dial-up Internet Service Provider was in 1989. That opened up the World to the Internet. But most people did not truly get on to the Internet until the mid to late 1990s. It was an evolution for the Telecommunication Industry, bringing with it a lot of potentials and expectations which it lived up to, for a time. Now the speed when compared to other rivals is quite lacking, as dial-up internet allows for only the basic things on the Internet and highly unsuitable for video streaming or downloading music.

The first Cable Internet sets rolled out in the late 1990s. By 2000 the first ADSL sets was made obtainable. This was the beginning of a lasting friendship between the Internet and broadband. Although broadband started out at as expensive and restricted to some locations only, it ultimately spread out and due to the competitiveness of the market, broadband has become more attainable to the average family. In the United Kingdom, the Government wants every house to have broadband by 2012. This will definitely make the Internet easy to reach to all, whether it will be free or at subsidised rates is not know however. Broadband allows for a much faster and better Internet experience, including music and video streaming, downloading, video conferencing and voice calls over the Internet.

Till 2012 when everyone is expected to have broadband in their homes, Mobile Internet is beginning to enjoy the spotlight. It is a service which allows one to connect to the Internet using a mobile phone phones via their Mobile Network Operator (usually obtainable for additional charges). It is very handy as it provides Internet access on the go and is usually always fast, depending on the Network Operator’s signal level. Some mobile phones also have the modem characterize which lets the phone to act as a gateway to allows Internet connection to PCs and Laptops. Web Designs and Developers are also assisting the Mobile Telecommunication Industry by designing and developing websites and applications which are more appropriate and easy to reach for mobile phones.

There are also countries where majority of the population who access the Internet do so via their mobile phone. Countries like this nevertheless have a lot of people on dial up internet connection because the broadband is nevertheless too expensive for the average home or not obtainable at all. Hence, they rely on Mobile Internet to say connected to the Internet.

Although Mobile Internet might nevertheless be a baby when compared to dial up Internet or broadband, it definitely has many followers and will continue to grow over the next few years. Until the time when it can stand shoulder to shoulder with its competition, people will continue to use broadband and free dial up internet connection, depending on their location and circumstances.

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