20 Ways to Keep Your Writing Inspiration and Creativity High

20 Ways to Keep Your Writing Inspiration and Creativity High

When stressed or confined it is wise to make a change so that we don’t stay in that place. in addition, many times we forget some of the simple things that we can do for ourselves, quickly and easily to bring our inspiration back and increase our creativity.

1. If you usually kind your first drafts, hand write them. Nothing compares to the feeling the ink melting into the paper and the surge of that creative flow.

2. If you use too much time at the computer, take a break every hour. Go for a walk or just sit outside in the sun. already five minutes in a winter sun does wonders for a mood and creativity.

3. Flip by magazines or books. Their colors and ideas will give you sparks and switch your attitude. Blue and green can reduce your stress levels by 30% or more.

4. Add strong smells to the room. Light scented candles around you, visit the fruit isle at the grocery store, or go to a store that is heavily scented. Find an orange or strawberries and smell it. Both will change a mood or create inspiration. Smells awaken your creativity. Smells cause memories and are a great method to rekindle stories from the past.

5. Go see or rent an inspirational movie. Relaxation time is important. You can already take your notebook and record inspirational phases. Afterwards free write that those phrases bring up from your subconscious.

6. Read a book that stirs you or sparks your creativity. If you prefer, read poetry.

7. Look at bold and bright colors for a few minutes. These change your mood.

8. Talk with a friend about your topic to flesh out ideas and creativity. Record the conversation, with their permission of course, and play it back to hear the little nuances that you might have missed.

9. Write an e-mail to a friend to tell him or her what you want to accomplish. If you are stuck, say so and ask for help.

10. Check in with your vibrational energy and do something to switch it into high gear. Take a shower. Go for a walk. Turn on some music and dance naked for a few minutes.

11. Hire a virtual assistant to do some typing so that you can stay focused on writing. You can fax your writing or dictate it into the computer and send her a voice file for transcription.

12. Go to church for the noon service or whisper a prayer or two. This reconnects your energy with the universe and replenishes what might be missing.

13. Complete an appreciation exercise. Pick something around you, like the telephone, lamp, or pen. Talk to it and tell it how much you appreciate having the electricity to turn it on, the opportunity to write with a tool that has the ink inside, not like a quill, or the softness of the paper you write on. Be grateful for that you have and not what you are missing. Or make a list of “count your blessing” items.

14. Write a personal observe to friends or family and tell them how much you love them, appreciate their thoughtfulness, or kindness.

15. Authentic, flat-out, raw laughter frees the psyche and opens the creativity course of action.

16. Find a setting with lots of trees and flowers and feel character. If the weather permits, take off your shoes and socks and feel the grass between your toes. character has a way of freeing our spirit and renewing our soul.

17. If guilt or a passed incident has captured your mind, write a “Dear Me” letter and ask yourself for forgiveness to loosen it’s grip and expand your freedom.

18. Are you use to writing in a quiet place? Find a noisy place to write, like McDonald’s or the mall. When your space is noisy you will have to focus harder in order to write with clarity.

19. Go for a quiet leisurely excursion, listen to a favorite CD. You can sing out of tune and no one will notice (laughter aloud).

20. Do something nice for someone else that you wouldn’t typically do and be a gracious receiver of a hug.

That was exciting, wasn’t it? Post this list in a noticeable place so that it is freely obtainable when you need it, right next to your writing area is best. Do one or two of these daily and keep on writing. Your readers are waiting to read your words.

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