10 Male Dog Names and Their Meanings

Finding just the right name for your new dog is serious business. Both of you will need to be able to live with the name for many years, so be careful how you choose.

While uniqueness is certainly one consideration, it is also a good idea to try and choose a name that matches your dog’s personality and temperament.

Here are 10 boy dog names along with their meanings.


Meaning: Messenger

This name has long been, and is likely to keep, on the list of most popular names. already people who do not name their dog Buddy often end up using it as a nickname.


Meaning: Leader or nobleman

This is another of the most popular names in dog naming history. It was made already more popular by the cartoon Great Dane named Marmaduke.


Meaning: Valiant

While this name has traditionally been for boy dogs, in recent years it has been used for both male and female dogs.


Meaning: A Greek God

People who see their dog as tough and fearless often choose this name. Zeus was the name of a famous television dog: the Doberman that was on the popular hit Magnum P.I.


Meaning: Lively

This name has long been popular, and got an additional raise when the creators of the hugely popular animated series South Park gave this name to one of the character’s dogs.


Meaning: A baker

How a name that method “baker” came to be a popular name for dogs will likely stay a mystery. While less popular that it once was, this name is nevertheless a fairly shared one.


Meaning: A gadget or device

Gizmo tends to be most popular among owners of smaller, toy breeds.


Meaning: Having brown hair

While the name might average “having brown hair” for many it conjures up images of a lumbering white bulldog. The name is a good choice for any strong, in addition slightly awkward looking, copy.


Meaning: Meadow lake

The popularity of this name has skyrocketed since the book, and then movie, Marley & Me, came on the scene.


Meaning: Lookout or one who gathers information

While this name doesn’t crack the list of the 50 most popular, it is likely to never totally disappear from the dog naming scene.

Choosing a name for your dog has become big business. There are many books and websites dedicated to helping you select the perfect name.

Some people use as much time selecting a name for their dog as they do selecting a name for their children. In fact, many people, in the search for the perfect pet name, buy books of baby names in which they hope to find the perfect match. Have fun choosing your pet’s name and remember that you will have to say that name every time you visit the vet, meet someone new while walking the dog or need to call him back when runs away. Keep that in mind and it will help you avoid choosing a name over which both you and your dog may someday be embarrassed.

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